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ORIGIN Release New Song And Announce New Album Details

Genre defining technical death metal giants ORIGIN will release their 7th studio LP, entitled Unparalleled Universe, on June 30 via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the first single “Accident And Error” in the form of a 360º visualizer, here:

ORIGIN has released the following statement, regarding the existential mind-fuck of a record soon to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting carbon based lifeforms of the universe: “The quintessential paradox permeating our most chthonic notions of space and time is the contiguity of a universe which at once contains infinitesimal brevity and unending space. Einstein mapped the relativity of temporal and spatial relationships; Hawking and Penrose postulated infinite density, and Max Planck attempted to cut time and space into its most fractional sub-quantum degrees; however, the paradox remains unresolved. The human brain insists upon limits. We are born into an uncaring universe where we remain until we exit upon our death. We have a beginning and we have an end. We relegate notions of eternity to the sphere of mysticism, believing it in dearth of the capacity for comprehending it.  Yet, insisting upon full comprehension of all of nature, we have pigeonholed ourselves into a stalemate.  To account for our lack of understanding we have created parallel universes, unseen dimensions of space and time, and even sought truth in the ethereal void. Dark matter and dark energy, phantom particles and elusive neutrinos fill cosmological speculation with tomes of new questions and mysteries.  We must understand at all costs, even at the risk of anthropomorphizing the universe itself.”

Unparalleled Universe was recorded and mixed by longtime producer/engineer Robert Rebeck at Chapman Recording in Lenexa, KS. Mastering was handled by Colin Marston at Menegroth – The Thousand Caves. Artwork was brought to life this time by Filip Ivanovic (www.flatbathtub.com).

Pre-order Unparalleled Universe now in various bundles and formats, here. Receive the song “Accident And Error” instantly via iTunes and Amazon, when you pre-order the album digitally.

Unparalleled Universe track list:
01 Infinitesimal To The Infinite
02 Accident And Error
03 Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns
04 Mithridatic
05 Truthslayer
06 Invariance Under Transformation
07 Dajjal
08 Burden Of Prescience
09 Unequivocal
10 Revolución – BRUJERIA cover feat. Jessica Pimentel (“Orange Is The New Black”) & Jeff Sisson (TROGLODYTE)

One of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal world, ORIGIN are among the leaders of the genre. Formed in Kansas (North America) in 1997, ORIGIN is one of the top, most intense and most brutal technical death metal forces to be reckoned with. Since its inception, the group has charted twice on the Billboard Top Heatseekers (with Antithesis at #21 and Entity at #20) and emerged on countless highly-energetic shows across the world.

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