Plenty to Admire About ODD ZERO

With the current rock and metal scene going in so many different directions these days it’s harder to come across bands that stand out. ODD ZERO is without a doubt a stand out band. Their influences, ranging from The Clash to Metallica, show on their EP Admire The Liar from start to finish.

From the second Mike Friedman opens his mouth on the title track you can feel the 70s punk scene as if you were time warped to the early days of CBGB’s. And you won’t need to read liner notes to figure out what the song is about. He manages to bring the intensity and passion for the music without garbling up the words. Add in the insane riffs from Mike Fujii and the intensity level goes up another notch. Some off the riffs laid down, like the opening of the song Dirty Electric, would make the late great Dimebag Darrell put up the horns. It’s scary how Mike Fujii can blend all his influences together to create a sound that is his. And you reach the top levels of intensity when the strong drumming of Milton Hernandez and solid bass work from Tay Malloy. It’s often hard to have the rhythm section stand out but they make themselves known. The walking bass line on Nervous Around Me helps set the tone and rhythm of the song perfectly.

The tracks are solid from start to finish and all belong together. Often you find one track on an album that makes you sit and wonder what the band was doing by adding it in. ODD ZERO put together an album that rocks from start to end. Like a little funk in your metal? Then the title track is perfect as it breaks down into a funky little hit, as if you put No Doubt on a dose of steroids. And I can totally see Notorious becoming a landmark in sports venues worldwide. The intimidation and intensity that comes through on this track could easily make a visiting team rethink their abilities.

These guys are no liars, the intensity in the Admire The Liar EP is enough to make even the casual rock and metal fan go nuts. There ain’t nothing odd about ODD ZERO but there’s plenty to bang your head to.

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