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PRETTY MAIDS Release “Kingmaker” Today Via Frontiers Music Srl

Kingmaker, PRETTY MAIDS’ highly anticipated follow up to 2013’s critically and commercially successful release “Motherland”, is available today via Frontiers Music Srl.


Kingmaker can be ordered here: http://radi.al/Kingmaker or at the below links:



It’s always difficult to follow a successful and inspired record, but Kingmaker shows PRETTY MAIDS are still in the freshest and most vital phase of their career since the early 90’s.


The production is absolutely stellar thanks to Jacob Hansen (Volbeat), who has given the band a sound that not only reinvigorates them, but also incorporates the soundscapes of the past. Modern and classic at the same time, if you will.


What can then be said about Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer? One of the best song writing teams in the genre, hands down. Atkins’ voice just gets better and better as the years go by. Menacing and vicious one minute, melodic and soothing the next. Likewise, Hammer is on fire here and lays down some of his heaviest riffs in recent memory.


Every track on this beauty is worthy of attention whether it is an in-your-face melting barn burner such as the one-two starters “When God Took A Day Off” / “King Maker”, “Bullseye”, and “Humanize Me” or timeless melodic metal anthems such as “Face the World” and “Heaven’s Little Devil” or even a superb power ballad like “Last Beauty on Earth”. This record has everything PRETTY MAIDS could possibly ask for!


Don’t miss them when they play live in a city near you – you’ll be blown away by the explosion of Danish dynamite!


Nov. 24th Gothenburg/Sweden  Venue: Sticky Fingers
Nov. 25th Gävle/Sweden   Venue: Dirty Harry
Nov. 26th Stockholm/Sweden   Venue: Fryshuset
Dec. 9th Esbjerg/Denmark   Venue: Tobakken
Dec. 10th Aalborg/Denmark   Venue: Skraaen
Dec. 16th Horsens/Denmark   Venue: Horsens Ny Teater


TOUR DATES (with Gotthard)
FEB 9                   Ravensburg (DE) Oberschwabenklub
FEB 10                   Regensburg (DE) Airport Obertraubling
FEB 11                   Ulm (DE) Ratiopharm Arena
FEB 13                   Frankfurt (DE) Batschkapp
FEB 14                   Hamburg (DE) Markthalle
FEB 15                   Hannover (DE) Capitol
FEB 17                   Osnabrück (DE) Hyde Park
FEB 18                   Oberhausen (DE) Turbinenhalle
FEB 19                   Freiburg (DE) Zäpfle Club
FEB 22                  Milan (ITA) Alcatraz
FEB 24                  Bilbao (SPA) Santana 27
FEB 25                  Madrid (SPA) La Riviera
FEB 26                  Barcelona (SPA) Razzmatazz 2
MAR 2                   München (DE) Tonhalle
MAR 6                   Wien (A) Gasometer
MAR 7                   Nürnberg (DE) Löwensaal
MAR 8                   Saarbrücken (DE) Garage
MAR 9                   Balingen (DE) Volksbankmesse

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