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Progressive Instrumental Quartet ANAMORPH’s New Album, “Lucid,” Out Now

The wait is over for North Carolinian progressive instrumental metal band ANAMORPH‘s ambitious, otherworldly full-length album, Lucid, available now. In celebration of the release, Revolver Magazine is offering a full stream of Lucid here.
“We are unspeakably excited to finally have this music out there and to tour the record,” says drummer James Agusta“We’ve been living this album for the better part of three years now and Sean (Parkinson) and I have been working on this band for over seven. This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done, and it’s just the beginning. This is our first step into a much larger world.”
Having taken creative leaps musically and professionally with LucidANAMORPH‘s live and recorded output is a hidden gem that has greatly exceeded their exposure to the public eye at-large thus far.
ANAMORPH likens themselves as “a band about the world” – writing music that is deeply reflective, with themes and motifs that span the scope of the human condition – wide ranges of emotions, states of mind, thought processes, and perspectives. ANAMORPH emulates the world at large, drawing attention to triumphs and shortcomings, beauty and destruction, the struggles of growth, and the uncertainty that encompasses us all as we drive forward into the future.
The Raleigh-based quartet – featuring Sean Parkinson and Cole Lohmann on guitars, James Agusta on drums and Griffin Daniels on bass – deftly weave notes of prog-rock, prog-metal, tech death, math rock, post rock, atmospheric and other influences together, making the 57-minute Lucid an intriguing listen for any fan of thought-provoking metal. Lucid which was recorded by renowned producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Scale the Summit, The Contortionist).
ANAMORPH wastes no time kicking off the album with “Reverie” and “Myopia”, two different entrancing examples of heavy prog-metal/rock mixed with experimental ethereals. Tracks like “Hubris” show off the band’s jazz metal inspiration, while songs like “Fading Azure” and the outright ripping “Feasting a Ravaged Earth” delve into total tech death. Listeners can expect this and more on ANAMORPH‘s truly astonishing new offering.
An artistic take on a wolfs head with Anamorph and Lucid written in the bottom right corner
Album Art by Leif Olson
Lucid Track Listing:
1. Reverie
2. Myopia
3. Hubris
4. Fading Azure
5. Twilight’s Somber Gaze
6. Feasting a Ravaged Earth
7. Breakthrough!
8. Endogenous Change
9. Sublimate
10. Overcome
11. Civilized Sociopath
12. Catharsis
13. In Time
ANAMORPH have honed their performance chops by supporting artists such as Felix Martin, Consider The Source, Sarah Longfield, Toothgrinder and more. The band is scheduled to hit the road on a tour of the U.S. east coast this September, performing with various artists along the way such as Stellar Circuits and others. See below for a full list of confirmed dates.
Upcoming confirmed ANAMORPH tour dates:
9/6 – Augusta, GA @ The Epicenter
9/7 – Decatur, GA @ Mojo Pizza N Pub
9/8 – W. Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
9/10 – Toms River, NJ @ The Clubhouse
9/11 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub
9/12 – Wallingford, CT @ Cherry St. Station
9/13 – Oakdale, NY @ Shakers Pub
9/14 – Dayton, OH @ Blind Bob’s
9/15 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
9/21 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506

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