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PROJECT MARS Announce Release of Debut EP ‘Don’t Hold Back’

Ottawa, ON based heavy anthem rockers Project Mars have announced they will be releasing their debut EP, Don’t Hold Backon Tuesday, October 2, 2012 and have made available the titled single for free download at the following link below along with a trailer for the EP.
Free Download – Don’t Hold Back – http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/project-mars-don-t-hold-back-free-download

EP Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3gvjv4NJFk

“Project Mars has just returned from our first cross Canada tour with Toronto rockers Riding Shotgun. It was a great success; we gained many new fans and created a buzz across this great country of ours. Going on tour was everything we expected and much more, thanks to everyone, clubs, fans, and all you great people we met along the way. This much anticipated release will be just the begining for Project Mars and we look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming shows to share our new material and rock out.” says guitarist Jason Connolly. “Project Mars will also be releasing our first music video in support of our EP, so mark down October 2nd in your calendar and come pick up your own copy of Don’t Hold Back! Keep on rocking!”

The title track is an ode to the band’s former bassist who left to join the Canadian army, the record deals with everything from war and politics to more personal struggles. Packed with in-your-face rock and tons of attitude from track to track, Don’t Hold Back’s first mission is to kick listeners’ asses and its second is to help raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis research, following a recent diagnosis that hit close to home.
Video – Hey (Live) – http://youtu.be/5rr3ech_L_w

1. Push’N (2:46)
2. I Can Change (3:00)
3. Right To Know (3:22
4. Hey! (3:04)
5. Break Down (The Walls) (3:34)
6. Don’t Hold Back (4:16)
For more info on Projects Mars please follow them on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter.

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