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Puerto Rican Guitar Genius RAMON ORTIZ Streams “82512”

LISTEN HERE – New Album “Portal” Out September 15, 2015


Latin Billboard Award Winner, Formerly of Renowned Bands PUYA and ANKLA (Ozzfest 2007)


Pre-Orders Available via CDBaby Beginning August 18th w/ “82512” Instant Grat




For those who are not yet familiar with the genius of expert guitarist RAMON ORTIZ, prepare to experience a shred fusion onslaught that only a true master of his craft could execute. For those who are familiar with Ortiz and his successful stints with revered Latin American metal groups Puya and Ankla, the wait is over – Ortiz is back in action with his brand new upcoming release Portal, set to release on September 15, 2015. The album will be available for pre-order exclusively via CDBaby beginning August 18th.


Today RAMON ORTIZ is giving fans an early taste of Portal by streaming the first single “82512”, which features percussion by Paoli Mejias of fusion rock legends Santana, via his official YouTube page. Listen here now: https://youtu.be/ovzjDs5J71M


Ortiz states, “I had heard about Paoli’s legendary drumming for a long time but never had seen him perform, which is ironic since we’re both from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Likely because we’re from different musical scenes, he’s more from the Latin Jazz side and I’ve always been more on the rock/metal side. People kept telling me “you should do something with him because you’re both doing musical fusion and are both innovators in different genres”. I finally saw him perform with his own band at a Jazzfest in San Juan and I was floored – very high energy Latin Jazz fused with Puerto Rican folklore and his incredible virtuosic conga drum playing. I couldn’t talk to him after the show, but luckily a few days later I ran into him, and congratulated him on his show, and mentioned to him that I had an instrumental track called “82512” which featured a fusion of metal and latin jazz and that I would love him to play conga drums in it. He heard it loved it and put new life into it with his conga drumming style.”


RAMON ORTIZ’s career has always been characterized by the exploration of seemingly incompatible musical genres and the relentless pursuit of fusing them together. His music ranges in influence, craftily balancing traditional shred with Latin American rhythmic instrumentation and various fusion elements. Portal showcases these influences and more, and progresses even beyond Ortiz’s first solo record, Ortiz (2012). This first record initially introduced fans to Ortiz’s undeniable musical ability in a solo setting, and reached the top 20 most-played tracks on Sirius XM Liquid Metal as published by Revolver Magazine.


You can also view Ortiz’s previously released music video for the track “Yukiyú II”, directed by Eva Luna Ortiz and filmed in the El Yunque Rain Forest of Puerto Rico here: https://youtu.be/2SCDTco6okY This video features a shorted version of the full track, which appears as the last song on Portal.


RAMON ORTIZ is currently sponsored by Seymour Duncan pickups, Mesa Boogie amps and Fernandes guitars, who built him his first signature seven string tribal themed guitar, designed by Ortiz himself.


Stay tuned for more music and videos coming soon from RAMON ORTIZ in the coming weeks.





Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ortiz first picked up the guitar at age seven. The Caribbean island has always been a melting pot of musical expressions. Both his father and grandfather were avid guitar players and introduced him to the old Puerto Rican folk standards—a hidden influence that would completely unfurl in his adolescence. “Back then, I was learning equally from the high voltage guitar playing of Eddie Van Halen and his peers, and the classically influenced, folkloric music of my ancestors,” Ortiz says of his early days of playing.


So with his undying love of rock and a rich musical lineage on his side, Ortiz set out to create a genre as eclectic as the culture that raised him. In 1993, Ortiz and several of the members of his high school group Whisker Biscuit eventually became Puya, which remains one of Latin America’s most revered and beloved bands. In 1999, Puya signed with MCA/ Universal, and recorded the album Fundamental, produced by Gustavo Santaolaya. In that same year, Fundamental won the Latin Billboard Award for “Best Rock Fusion Album” and set them touring with Ozzy, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Pantera, System of a Down, and many others. At that point, Ortiz had proved that heavy rock and Latin music could coexist within the same musical terrain.


Later, Ortiz formed the even heavier group Ankla. In 2006, the band was signed to Bieler Brothers and released their first album “Steep Trails,” produced by Ortiz and Bob Marlette. By 2007, Ankla was touring with Ozzfest and making their way several times across the

US, Canada, and Central and South America. Ankla’s single “Deceit” was on heavy rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Hard Attack” and quickly became a listener favorite. “Steep Trails” was #12 in Hard Attack’s list of “Top Metal Albums of 2006” as published in Revolver Magazine.


RAMON ORTIZ began his solo career in 2012 with his self-titled album Ortiz, which reached the top 20 most-played tracks on Sirius XM Liquid Metal as published by Revolver Magazine. Now, Ortiz invites listens to a new world with Portal.

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