REVOLVER Magazine Premieres VOODOO TERROR TRIBE’s Music Video for “BloodSoaked”


Latest EP A Walk in Hell Out Now


VOODOO TERROR TRIBE released their latest EP A Walk in Hell earlier this year.  Today the video that the band has been working painstakingly on for some time will finally see its world premiere.  The video for “BloodSoaked”, is being premiered today exclusively at the online home of Revolver Magazine.  Check out the video HERE.


The band commented on the video


VOODOO TERROR TRIBE’s new music video for the song ‘BloodSoaked’ presents deliberate darkness and intensity. We meant it to be more serious and in-your-face than our previous works, as the song is our heaviest so far. So as for filming, we threw ourselves out of our East-Coast element and out into the dark-recesses of remote Ohio. Working with director Jeffrey Moore and Assistant Director Angel Alfonso of Axtravaganza Films was a welcome breath of professionalism, and the video shows it.


‘BloodSoaked’ is our fastest and darkest song yet, and we wanted to present those ideas explicitly, with art and horror-flick-mysticism. We’re proud of the amazing cast and the extraordinary work everyone committed in such a short amount of time. There is an interesting storyline to the film, that with multiple viewings one might discern, but even if you don’t find the linear plot, the images and the atmosphere speak for themselves. Our dalliance with the horror film vibe and moderately authentic ritualism might have put the taste of blood in our mouths. There’s no returning to the light after this, and everything only gets darker from here…”


Be sure to check out VTT live this fall!


Upcoming Shows:

10/17: Clifton, NJ @ Ding Batz (BloodSoaked music video release/screening show)

11/2: Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar with Genitorturers

1/15/15: Hauppague, NY @ UpSky Long Island Hotel (New York Horror Convention)



GIL PAN ZASTOR: Vocals & Sampling

EMiR ERKAL: Guitars & Synths


T-BONE: Drums


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