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RIOTGOD Premiere Video For Title Track of New Album Driven Rise on Metal Insider


New Album Driven Rise on March 18th via Metalville Records

Red Bank, New Jersey’s RIOTGOD (featuring Monster Magnet drummer Bob Pantella and Guitarist Garrett Sweeny) are set to release their third album Driven Rise on March 18th in North America via Metalville Records. 


Metal Insider is hosting an exclusive premiere of the first true music video from RIOTGOD.  The video is for the title track of their new album Driven Rise.  Check out the exclusive premiere and an interview with drummer Bob Pantella HERE.


Driven Rise is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Formed in 2007, RIOTGOD have grown and developed into a band to watch and know in the bustling, independent New Jersey rock scene for the past several years and with good reason.


While it’s easy for rock bands to get caught up in plenty of outside distractions, expectations related to one’s resume and pedigree and other assorted drama, RIOTGOD steer clear of such nonsense. Featuring Monster Magnet/Atomic Bitchwax/Cycle of Pain drummer Bob Pantella, who was the architect of the band, RIOTGOD have kept their eyes fixed firmly on the prize. They have one goal and that’s to do what they do as best as they can. The rest just follows.


The band’s third album was recorded in Pantella’s studio in Keyport, New Jersey in the summer of 2013, the album traffics in classic rock-influenced riffery and mind-bending soundscapes. But make no mistake. RIOTGOD are not a throwback. They make meat and potatoes rock music in the here and now.


The members collectively realize that good hard rock can be incredibly difficult to come by, so they focus on giving 110 percent effort all the time, every time.


“When we play, we give it our all,” Pantella said. “Everything is channeled into that moment. Fitting in is not a paramount concern for our band.”


Not concerning itself with categorizations or classifications or what everyone else is doing (or isn’t doing) allows RIOTGOD to dedicate themselves to the tasks at hand – their songs and their music, which are their cornerstone. Once fans hear the first note, beat or riff of a RIOTGOD song, that’s all they need. They’re hooked.


The album’s title track was penned in the days after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on their native state. But it’s not just about the negative effects of the storm. Offering some insight, Pantella said, “The song comes forward with not only the obvious possible interpretations. It stems from that moment when stagnation or depression is left behind and action is demanded along with unyielding optimism.”


All of these factors combined make RIOTGOD stand out amid a sea of New Jersey rock bands. There is a glut of rock music in the Garden State. But it’s RIOTGOD‘s desire to create really fucking good rock tunes that allows them to rise to the top of the heap.

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