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Rock Goddess BELLA D Streaming Entire Dystopian Concept Album ‘The Crystal Ceiling’

Symphonic rock goddess BELLA D is making her full-length debut with her new album, The Crystal Ceiling. The album conceptualizes the story of a female automaton making paving her own way in a dangerous, dystopian fantasy world, where she travels by portal from her original steampunk Victorian land. In celebration of the new release, BELLA D is streaming her post-apocalyptic creation with Rue Morgue Magazine. Listen here.
Visit iTunes now to order BELLA D‘s The Crystal Ceiling. To buy her accompanying comic book following alongside the album concept, visit http://drmagdn.bigcartel.com/. You can buy the album there, as well.
While online, check out BELLA D‘s standalone single, a re-imagined haunting cover of Muse’s “Starlight”, available via iTunes. The track was co-written and performed by her musical partner-in-crime, producer/co-writer/drummer Charlie Zeleny (DRMAGDN). Their cover of “Starlight” hit the Top 50 iTunes New Release Rock Chart within 24 hours of release! The full music video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/yyha-Wl_lOE
BELLA D‘s Carroll Place NYC CD release party featuring DRMAGDN is only a few days away, taking place on May 19th. Tickets are selling fast at just $10, so order here and don’t miss this unique chance to witness the dramatic songstress BELLA D live! The show begins at 7:30pm and can be enjoyed by those 21+.
More about The Crystal Ceiling:
The Crystal Ceiling features session musicians known for working with multi-platinum artists such as (but not limited to) Taylor Swift, Blondie, Avril Lavigne, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and David Guetta. Impressively, not one of the musicians on the album aside from BELLA D and DRMAGDN recorded in the same room – this entire album is a true product of the future, utilizing the great power of the internet to craft it. The Crystal Ceiling is chock full of unforgettable, top-notch rock tracks featuring superior production and unmatched musical execution, sure to impress even the most discerning of palates.
The Crystal Ceiling is more than just a concept album – it is born of real life inspiration. The theme of escape from terrible circumstances, surmounting impossible obstacles and overcoming tragedy as a victorious hero is not just a fairy-tale – it’s Christie Oakes’ (the voice behind BELLA D) life story. Midway through the album recording process, Oakes received the terrible news that she had BRCA positive aggressive breast cancer and needed to not only endure grueling high dose chemotherapy, but also have massive surgery to remove both breasts and her ovaries, similar to Angelina Jolie. Since then, her music has taken on a higher stakes/real life-and-death meaning.
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