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Rolling Stone Premieres New JOHN GARCIA Song “Her Bullets Energy” Featuring Robby Krieger of the Door


Self-Titled Solo Album Available August 5 on Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA is set to release his solo album John Garcia on August 5th in North America on Napalm Records!  


Today the track “Her Bullets Energy” featuring Robby Krieger of The Door on guitar is receiving its exclusive premiere courtesy of Rolling Stone. Check it out along with an exclusive interview with GARCIA HERE.


For those fans in the New York City area, JOHN GARCIA will be taking part in a special listening party for the new album.  The party will take place Monday July 28th at 8:00 PM at Idle Hands Bar in New York City.  More info is below.

With VISTA CHINO, GARCIA makes music very close to his KYUSS roots, but on his self-titled solo album he also ventures out with some experiments and convinces all along the line. This record is full of first-class, catchy rock numbers that commute equally between Classic Rock and concise Stoner elements.


Once you’ve made contact and started ingesting the tracks ‘My Mind’ or ‘5000 Miles’, you will see this album is spreading like an infection to the body and one is happy to be involved in the short and crisp ‘Saddleback’ or  ‘Confusion’, which is strongly rooted in Blues. ‘Her Bullets Energy’ is the next ultra-bouncer on the record, with the legendary Robby Krieger (THE DOORS) on the guitar. JOHN GARCIA has delivered a multi-faceted and extremely intense solo album that will stir up more dust than a sandstorm in the California desert. Danko Jones, Tom Brayton, Mark Diamond and also GARCIA‘s old cohort of KYUSS Nick Oliveri show up as guest musicians to round out this solo masterpiece.


A preview clip of the entire album can be viewed at http://youtu.be/AIU_chEqMa8


‘JOHN GARCIA’ is available on CD, Vinyl and Digitally on Napalm Records on August 5, 2014


Pre-order on Amazon and iTunes:

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