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Sacramento-Based Band KILL THE PRECEDENT to Release Speedy, Thrashy, Punk-Fueled Album “Some Version Of The Truth”

Rock music should be dangerous. It should be unpredictable. It should be unexplainable.


Seven maniacs from Sacramento, CA-Twig the Exfoliator [vocals], The Ugly American [vocals], Tapeworm [guitar, electronics], Catastrofiend [guitar, visuals], Jimmy Hazard [guitar], Jon the Jew [bass], and Sgt. Pepper [drums]-raze and shred expectations with a singular style of crossover gonzo gutter thrash fueled by reckless punk abandon on their upcoming EP, Some Version of the Truth, out February 24, 2017 via minus HEAD Records. iTunes pre-orders will be available soon, with Bandcamp and Amazon pre-orders live now.

“So much music is missing a sense of urgency,” exclaims Twig the Exfoliator. “We want to bring that danger back.”

Since their formation and the release of 2013’s Dialogues with the Dead, the band has stirred up a furious local following and national fervor. They’ve received acclaim from press and fans alike and their live shows have become the stuff of legend, with the band often appearing in costumes and treating their performances like a theatrical party. One night will be priests versus boy scouts, while the next is cops and robbers or even a zombie beach party!

In late 2016, the KILL THE PRECEDENT entered Pus Caverns in Sacramento, CA with producer Joe Johnston. They quickly cut the Some Version of the Truth‘s seven anthems, composing the singles “Two Way Mirrors” and “Watch What You Think” in the studio. You can stream “Two Way Mirrors” today, here:

“Two Way Mirrors” reflects raw energy. Galloping forward on buzz-saw riffing, primal percussion, and a piercing scream, the track packs a wild wallop. “Most of our songs are obviously pissed off about something,” grins Twig. “This song is a good example. It’s about somebody who blames everyone else for their problems, and doesn’t realize that they’re not only their own worst enemy, but now everyone else’s. We all know someone like that.”

The EP’s second single set to be released shortly before the album’s release, “Lesser Of Two Evils”, ignites violent and vicious vitriol that explodes on impact with a speed-y brutality. “There’s so much shit going on in the world,” sighs Twig. “People are bitching and complaining about all of these things. I got sick of hearing them. Pick one evil.”

Ultimately, Some Version of the Truth stands out as smoldering, sizzling, and scorching proof that rock music can still surprise in 2017. “I want people to be surprised,” he leaves off. “When somebody goes to a show or listens to a song, you don’t know what the hell is going to happen. That’s pure. That’s real. That’s who we are.”
Some Version of the Truth Track Listing:
1) Two Way Mirrors
2) Lesser of Two Evils
3) Down North
4) Watch What You Think
5) Irrational Anthem
6) A Song for Slit Wrists
7) Dictated Not Read
KILL THE PRECEDENT will perform at their official CD release party, taking place at Sacramento’s Harlow’s (2708 J Street) on Friday, February 17 at 9:00pm. The show will also feature Horseneck, Peace Killers and The Moans. Tickets are available here, at Royal Peacock Tattoo, or Spanish Fly Hair Garage. The show is 21+ and ticket start at $10.

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