SANTA CRUZ to Release Self-Titled Album on March 10 Via Spinefarm Records


Witness Finnish Band’s Dazzling Guitar Playing Skills in New “Shred ‘Til You Drop” Video Clip


SANTA CRUZ will release their second studio album, Santa Cruz, on March 10 via Spinefarm Records. The self-titled album follows 2013’s Screaming for Adrenaline.


The riff-driven new album features the singles “We Are the Ones to Fall” and “Wasted & Wounded.” The record is powered not only by sweat and booze, but by mind-boggling guitar skills manifested by these supremely talented young turks from Finland.


SANTA CRUZ are: Archie – vocals, guitar; Johnny – guitar, backing vocals; Middy – bass, backing vocals; Taz – drums, backing vocals. Get to know their names and faces now.


2015 will prove to be the year of SANTA CRUZ. Get ready to Cruz ‘n’ roll.


Santa Cruz Track Listing:

1       “Bonafide Heroes”

2       “Velvet Rope”

3       “My Remedy”

4       “6(66) Feet Under”

5       “Bye Bye Babylon”

6       “We Are the Ones to Fall”

7       “Wasted & Wounded”

8       “Let Them Burn”

9       “Vagabonds (Sing With Me)”

10      “Can You Feel the Rain ”


Watch the video for “Wasted & Wounded” to get a taste of SANTA CRUZ.


Craving and yearning for more? Then peep the “Shred ‘Till You Drop Vol.2: Shred Or Die!” clip, which features frontline duo, Archie and Johnny, burning up those fretboards and basically wearing the fingerprints off their hands. The clip premiered via Guitar World and nabbed 10,000 shares right off the bat.


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