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SAWTHIS Release New 360-Degree Music Video And Announce Album Details

Passionate songwriting and a strong dedication to their craft has propelled Italian melodic metal quintet SAWTHIS to fame in their regional metal scene. Their energetic live performances haven’t gone unnoticed either – offering them the opportunity to perform with the likes of Korn, Sepultura, Children of Bodom, The Haunted, Lacuna Coil and others. To date, SAWTHIS havesold out performances in Europe, the UK and Russia.

After garnering attention with their previous releases Fusion (2006), Egod (2010) and Youniverse (2013), SAWTHIS return with a hybrid metal onslaught, entitled Babhell, out March 24, 2017 via Denmark-based label MIGHTY MUSIC. The relentlessly fast-paced Babhell combines melodic and progressive influences with thrash, groove and atmospheric soundscapes, making the record an engrossing listen for any metal fan. Babhell was produced by SAWTHIS with mixing and mastering by Sickboy Studios.

Babhell is available for pre-order via Bandcamp here.

Today, SAWTHIS are premiering a brand new 360-degree music video for their new track “Start A New Game”, which can be viewed exclusively via Revolvermag.com. The video was directed by UnderRoom Studios and features lead vocalist Alessandro Falà and his “puppet” counterpart trying to rise above societal confusions and the lies of the media. Watch here.

The band chose to film in 360-degree to create the illusion of a “virtual square”, allowing the viewer to control their own vantage point. Bassist Gaetano Ettorre states, “‘For the “Start A New Game’ music video, we created a “modern square” full of confusion and solitude. This square seems crowded by virtual people projected on the protagonist through the monitors, but at the end it’s just a bare and sad room. The protagonist can’t stop watching the monitors as he is essentially fed by that media, so he eventually becomes a puppet under virtual oppression.”

SAWTHIS regard Babhell as their best work to date. Ettorre states, Babhell, in general, touches upon themes of poor human communication and its negative result. Everyone is talking, and no one is listening or looking at what’s happening right in front of them. Ultimately, in a world where everyone is talking and no one is listening, honest dialogue becomes impossible and thoughts become just noise like a Babel, a hellish Babel, hence the name Babhell. If I had to choose a term to describe the sound of the record, it would be ‘multi-emotional chaos’. Our music is a balance of rage and happiness, resignation and reaction, love and hate-Babhell represents a perfect mix of everything.”   

Stay tuned for more tracks and other media coming from SAWTHIS supporting Babhell.
Album Art by Davide Dartworks Mancini

Babhell track listing:

01 The Burning Place
02 My Return
03 Start a New Game
04 Through Hell
05 This String is for Your Neck
06 The End
07 Seabed
08 Waiting for Love
09 Empty Wall
10 Never Alone (feat. Nico Andrea Di Benedetto on keys)
11 No Time to Die


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