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Scotland’s THE BROKEN RAVENS Revive Alt-Rock N’ Roll with New Self-Titled EP

Gritty, heavy and everything that you could want in alternative rock n’ roll, Scotland’s THE BROKEN RAVENS combine the heaviness of bands like Mastodon and Clutch with the grunge-rock sensibility of Soundgarden, wrapped in a package all their own. The band has amassed quite a following in their home country, performing countless shows and gaining the respect from local media, radio and fans. THE BROKEN RAVENS are poised to break out in the United States with their upcoming self-titled EP, which they will release independently on February 10, 2017. You can pre-order the EP via iTunes.


Check out the THE BROKEN RAVENS‘ fast-paced and hard-hitting new single for “Calling of the Hounds”, which offers an accurate representation of what you can expect to hear on the band’s new EP. The video was filmed by Kenny Stewart at Moja TV:

The new self-titled EP was produced and mixed by Keith Morrison and THE BROKEN RAVENS at Wee Studio in Stornoway, Scotland this year.
EP Track Listing:
1. Calling of the Hounds
2. My Shrine
3. To The Alter
4. Dead Rose
5. Lights Out in Vienna


THE BROKEN RAVENS are metal enough for metalheads, rocky enough for toe tappers, and melodic enough to infect the ear of the casual listener. Check out another previously released track from the new EP, entitled “My Shrine”, here:
A clip of “My Shrine” is also featured on the soundtrack to Team Rock’s newly released online arcade-style game “Stage Surfers”. Check out “Stage Surfers” here.


THE BROKEN RAVENS‘ new EP follows previously released music from the band, which garnered the band enough attention to bring them across the water to the U.K. for live performances and a headline tour in 2015 (while donned with kilts, of course). Extending westward this month, THE BROKEN RAVENS will foray into international touring with some U.S. tour stops happening this week, beginning today at Skinny’s Bar in North Hollywood.


THE BROKEN RAVENS 2016 California Tour Dates:
11/14 – North Hollywood, CA @ Skinny’s Bar
11/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Loaded
11/18 – West Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky, opening for Puddle of Mudd
11/19 – Agoura Hills, CA @ Canyon Club w/ Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Gotham, American Horror Story)


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