Some updates on myself….


I’m starting to finally put some ideas in motion.

I am in progress of my first drawing. I’m hoping to finish it within the next few weeks, once I can get some colors that I am missing to finish it. I will share it with all once finished.

Second, within the next week or so I’ll be making an announcement on my next venture in life. I’ve run the idea by some people and just need to get some more info and set something up before making the announcement. So keep you eyes open.

I’m looking forward to some new music coming in the near future, including the long awaited Guns N Roses album Chinese Democracy. I’ll try to get it as soon as it hits to give it a listen and let everyone know my thoughts of it.

Lastly, I’m very excited about the Rangers start to the 08-09 season. This is a great sign of possible things to come. Hoping we put a hurting on them fishsticks in Long Island tonight.

Keep Rockin’

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