Spinefarm Records Releasing Three Unique Albums Today Want to Hear Them?




Spinefarm Records is pleased to release three unique, “must hear” albums today, November 10.

SPIDERS‘ classic rock-inspired opus Shake Electric is delightfully Black Sabbath-y, but modernized, and with a female singer, who slays your life.

KROKODIL‘s Nachash lands like an asteroid in your living room. That is, it’ll leave a mark. Essentially, the U.K. band is this: Beards + riffs. The album won’t put hair on your chest with its metallic awesomeness. It’ll put hair on your face.

And for all you revelers that are stoked about the fact that the holiday season and spiked eggnog are right around the corner, there’s the TSO-inspired Ragnarok Juletide release, featuring a multitude of players and singers from Finland. It’s a two horns up holiday release!

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