SPIRIT IN THE ROOM Reveals New Ode to the Ignorant “The Future is Immediate”

Channeling the influence of artists such as Nick CaveDepeche Mode and Black Sabbath wrapped in shroud of punk rock, Los Angeles industrial/noise amalgamation SPIRIT IN THE ROOM has recently turned heads in the heavy rock music scene via performances with the likes of Deftones and the release of several undeniably potent singles.

SPIRIT IN THE ROOM have released another provocative, unpredictable throat-punch of a track in the form of The Future is Immediate – an ode to social media naiveté. Stream the track now via SpotifyYouTube or Bandcamp. The Future is Immediate is the first taste of new music coming from SPIRIT IN THE ROOM in 2019 – the band plans to release three EP’s throughout the course of the year.

SPIRIT IN THE ROOM architect and frontman Dennis R. Sanders offers, “‘The Future is Immediate‘ is about the feeling you get when you see someone that you know deep down is a piece of sh*t getting regarded as a saint via social media. False hero worship. Empty vessels. We have a tendency to believe everything we see and hear nowadays and it’s absolutely mind-blowing how gullible human beings have become.”

The Future is Immediate was written and recorded by Dennis R. Sanders at Los Angeles, CA’s the Black House.

Catch SPIRIT IN THE ROOM performing live at West Hollywood’s The Whisky on December 15 with Scour, featuring Philip Anselmo. The show will also feature support from Thrown Into Exile, NukemDriftSecond Shooter and Captor of Sin. More information on the show is available here.

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