Steve Ventura is the First Inductee to the Bullspike Hall Of Fame

It is with great pride that I am announcing that the first inductee to the Bullspike Hall Of Fame Class of 2012 is “Evil” Steve Ventura.

Steve was the eyes of the rock and metal scene in the NYC area by attending practically every show in the area with camera in hand.  He shot almost ever local band you can think of, getting shots that only he could get even if he had to lay on a dirty club floor to get the shot he saw in his mind.  There was never a worry about missing a show cause you always knew you’d see photos of it courtesy of Evil Steve.

But Steve wasn’t just our scenes eyes, he was one of it’s biggest supporters and a friend to so many of us in the scene.  It didn’t matter if you were new to the scene or well known, Steve treated all with the same level of respect which is only one of the many reason why he was so respected by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him.

Unfortunately Steve passed on February 1st leaving our scene and our lives way too soon.  Evil Steve was a one-of-a-kind individual that will never be forgotten and deserves this honor of being the first person to ever be inducted into the Bullspike Hall Of Fame.

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