SYLVAN Release Video For First Single “Shine” New Album Home Out February 17th via Gentle Art of Music/E1

SYLVAN - SHINE (Single Version)
SYLVAN – “Shine” (Single Version)

They have long become members of the European art rock A-list, so actually there would be no need for SYLVAN to prove themselves anymore. And yet: they keep doing it with every new album. Once again, with their new album Home, the North Germans impressively transcend the borders of the genre and blaze new trails. Check out a trailer for the album HERE.


Today the band presents the first video for the first single from Home for the track “Shine”.  Check out the video exclusively on the band’s YouTube channel HERE.


With Home, for the first time since their critically acclaimed “Posthumous Silence” of 2006 SYLVAN have taken the chance to create another full-on concept album. Even though the Hamburg natives attach great importance to creating contextually comprehensive pieces of art with any of their albums, this time around SYLVAN have upped their ambition another notch and taken on the mammoth task of building an overall concept around the never ending quest of the human condition for Home – that very special place that can provide a feeling of complete safety.


Even though initiated aficionados will indeed find bows of admiration to bands like Marillion, Genesis or Pink Floyd, Marco Glühmann (vocals), Matthias Harder (drums), Sebastian Harnack (bass) and Volker Söhl (keyboards) have long emancipated themselves from the heroes of the early days and established their very own identity by fusing elements of classical music with colorful rock sounds. On Home, SYLVAN have additionally gotten themselves support from guitarist Jonathan Beck, who, through his sensitive style of playing, adds an even more elaborate element of precision toHome.


After nearly a dozen highly successful releases, fifteen years in the center of the genre’s scene as well as live shows in multiple countries (among many others: Germany, USA, England, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Sweden) this band no longer needs to prove to anybody what it is made of. It is thanks to that kind of freedom that Home is an absolutely stunning piece of music that combines musical virtuosity with intellectual courage and artistic enthusiasm.


Elvis said: Home is where the heart is. SYLVAN, however, want to know the whole truth – and we, on the receiving end, can be very happy for that.


Home Track Listing:

1. Not Far From the Sky

2. Shaped Out of Clouds

3. In Between

4. With the Eyes of a Child

5. Black and White

6. The Sound of Her World

7. Sleep Tight

8. Off Her Hands

9. Shine

10. Point of No Return

11. All These Years

12. Home

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