Tampa, FL Hard Rockers MR. BELLA Release New Music Video for “Don’t Tell Me No”

Tampa, FL hard rock outfit MR. BELLA – fronted by “aggro-diva” Erinmarie Christian – have spent the last few years making a name for themselves as one of Florida’s most buzzworthy new acts. Drawing influence from every corner of the melodic modern rock landscape, MR. BELLA creates an engaging, powerful, hook-driven sound that will appeal to the masses and is easily capable of sonically surpassing current radio favorites. Additionally, their performances with rock radio royalty artists such as Sevendust, Sick Puppies, Bush, Buckcherry, Hinder, Hoobastank and more have proven their live potency.


After seeing success with the release of their last full length album Cross My Heart, which was produced and engineered by Brett Hestla of Dark New Day and Creed (producer for Tantric and Framing Hanley), the band quickly began working on their next release.

Today, MR. BELLA is thrilled to unleash their brand new single and music video from that upcoming, currently untitled release, entitled “Don’t Tell Me No”. The track is again produced by Brett Hestla and is about not having to follow the same path as everyone else, even if someone tells you it’s not “normal”. Appropriately, the videos concept depicts struggles with cult mentality. You can watch the video here via


The “Don’t Tell Me No” video was directed and edited by MR. BELLA guitarist Scott Vallina and Corey Gresham of Two by Seven Productions, based in St. Petersburg, FL.


“As a band, we discussed not trying to come across as for or against religion, but more about living free of the ‘cult mentality’. We relayed that to Scott and Corey, and they achieved that in a video that tells a cool story in a dark and creepy way, but isn’t about taking sides. It’s about being free to live your life the way you want to,” states Amir DaBiri, bassist of MR. BELLA.


MR. BELLA guitarist and video director Scott Vallina adds, “Much of the imagery stems from the idea of signing your life away to a cult of any kind, whether it be a satanic cult, as it was believed witches in Salem had literally signed a book, or the people of Jonestown who signed their lives away and joined a cult resulting in their suicides.”


Stay tuned for more music coming from MR. BELLA soon!
“Don’t Tell Me No” Single Art
Equal parts hook and pummel, MR. BELLA stands apart with their hypnotic rhythms, pop-inspired songwriting smarts, and a knack for the catchy stuff.


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