Ten Years Of Turbo And More To Come

Hey Rockers,

Time for a little something personal. I always say I’m going to write more and the world always interferes but this is a must.

While my Ten Year Anniversary show aired Thursday, today is the actual anniversary of my show The Asylum and yours truly beginning a journey that I didn’t think would go this far.

Back in 2009 while my brother Jay Scorpion was hospitalized my friend Sara Sisco had said she was starting an Internet radio station and wanted me as one of her DJs because of how much I loved rock and metal music. Plus I had been part of my brother’s show The Scorpion’s Lair when it was on Brooklyn College Radio and Sara said I was a natural.

Sara’s station, THOR, went live later in 2009 and on the afternoon of December 9th 2009 my voice, views, and music choices began going out to the world on a weekly basis. MamaTurbo and PapaTurbo giving up the house computer for 3 hours a week for me to broadcast uninterrupted.

As time went on Jay Scorpion and I started Bullspike Radio with help and advice from Bob Marino. Even though he had OFNR and we should’ve been seen as a threat he helped us and he’s helped me with my show and is my current webmaster. Bob first helped me record interviews until I figured out a way to do it myself (and need to test a new method to do them again).

Over the ten years I have gained contacts and become friends with so many people within the industry that there’s too many to list but I’m beyond grateful that they take me seriously and not as just another wannabe looking for free stuff.

I’ve also gotten to grow Rock Against Dystrophy through meeting people as a result of my show and doing what I’ve done over the past ten years. Without my show it’s safe to say I might never have met TattooTony and joined the Under My Skin For Life Foundation. I wouldn’t have met and become friends with Don Jamieson, Bumblefoot, Bobby Blitz and the guys of Overkill, Mark Tornillo, Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy and his family, Mark Menghi, Danny Watts, Nina Osegueda, and more that’ll kick my ass for leaving them out but I’m honored and still blown away I get to call them friends.

Then there’s the support from Old Bridge Metal Militia, Old Bridge Militia Foundation, fans, and my closest friends. All of whom have my back when needed and even when not needed.

As I’m getting older my disability is starting slow me down a bit. I’ve had to do a few more all music shows due to illness and I’m not able to post as much news to my site or write as much as I used to. BUT I’m not stopping anytime soon. As long as I can keep going and rockin I will with my sites still on landing on FM Radio or SiriusXM or whatever big step the future might hold for me.

Thank you for the first ten years of this journey and here’s to many more to come.


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