THE ARKANES Sign Worldwide Deal with SPV


Debut album W.A.R. scheduled for Digital Release in North America on April 29th

With their hot mix of independent rock, garage and grunge, THE ARKANES are the band of the moment. Discovered by a talent scout at shows in their hometown of Liverpool and the surrounding region, the release of their debut album W.A.R. through SPV has been scheduled for April 29th digitally in North America and will – (you don’t need to be a clairvoyant to predict this) – make a major splash. After all, an experienced team of professionals has taken care of THE ARKANES for the past two years, ensuring that the band got lots of opportunities to let off steam live all over Europe.

Amazing success stories have already been reported: Their track “Crash And Burn” reached into the number 1 slot of a Los Angeles download chart, where it stayed for almost nine months. THE ARKANES where selected to be the first British band ever to ascertain a slot on the NACA University/College circuit in America. The band was nominated for a peoples music award (rock/indie/metal genre) with their single ´Sharpshooter` and appeared on BBC Radio Live, SWR 3, Eldoradio, TV Berlin, Harvard/MIT university radio in Boston and on NRW TV. The single “Don´t Act Like You Know Me” reached number 10 in Germany`s most requested song of the week and number 8 in the most downloaded single. 

Manager Wolfgang Funk is justly proud of the four-piece surrounding vocalist Chris Pate: “I’ve rarely seen a band live which immediately had me under its spell like these young, fresh guys of THE ARKANES. In addition, there are their irresistibly catchy songs, which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since I first heard them. That’s the stuff that rock stars are made of!”

And Chris Pate himself can hardly wait for the release of W.A.R.: “We poured our heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears into this album and we are so proud of the finished product. Being from Liverpool our music naturally has some Beatles influence incorporated – as expected. But W.A.R is much more than that. Our influences leap from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, Motörhead to Oasis, and the color of these bands also resonates in our sound. We hope you enjoy listening to W.A.R. as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

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