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THE ASYLUM Playlist 06-09-16 with guests Nevada and Larado Romo of Cosmic Wool

nevada-and-larado-romo-guestThis week on THE ASYLUM we had Nevada & Larado Romo of Cosmic Wool to discuss why Anti-Mortem broke up, how Cosmic Wool came to be, the music industry, and Cosmic Wool‘s plans for the future. Plus the following tunes were played (click here for podcast):

Let It Begin by The Treatment
Curse Of The Damned by Night Demon
Forsaken Me by Scars Of Envy
Perpetual Growth Machine by Rivers Of Nihil
Hostages by Nervosa
Constellations War by Leeds Point
Take Me Home by Black Sabbath
New Southern by Anti-Mortem
Moonstone by Cosmic Wool
Marching Dogs of War by Orchid
Thank You by Sevendust
The Necromancer by Crobot
You’re Nothing (But Shit) by Red Tide Rising
Get Your Head Down by RadioDrone
Frozen by Cilver
Blood, Tears, Dust by Lacuna Coil
End of the World by Bella D
Dehumanize by Martyrd
Smoke On The Water [Live] by Deep Purple
Clockwork Angels [Live] by Rush

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