THE ASYLUM Playlist 07-21-16


This week on THE ASYLUM we had the following tunes were played (click here for podcast):

Take Your Best Shot [Live] by Dope
Death Blooms [Live] by Mudvayne
Ghosts Along the Mississippi [Live] by Down
Caught In A Mosh [Live] by Anthrax
Of Wolf And Man [Live] by Metallica
Back Off Bitch by Guns N’ Roses
Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney & Wings
The Beast by Twisted Sister
Slave by Killcode
Take Me Down by The Pretty Reckless
Afterlife by Cilver
I’m Not Your Bitch by Charetta
Hunger Games by Temple Of The Dog
Sledgehammer by Year of the Locust
Suicide by Fragile Mortals
LYLAB by Audiotopsy
The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles by Marilyn Manson
The Heretic Anthem by Slipknot
The Vengeful One by Disturbed
The Sound Of Voices Screaming by Red Tide Rising
Post American Hate by Megadeth
Majesty by Ghost
Deception by Nervosa
Angel of Death by Slayer
A Mirror’s Diary by Mooncry
Give Your Life for Rock and Roll by Lordi
Old School by Jim Breuer And The Loud & Rowdy
Hatred United / United Hate by Death Angel
Throne Of Thorns by Testament

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