THE ASYLUM Playlist 07-28-16


This week on THE ASYLUM we had the following tunes were played (click here for podcast):

We Win by Duff McKagan’s Loaded
Doctor Alibi by Slash featuring Lemmy
Better by Guns N’ Roses
You Could Be Mine by Guns N’ Roses
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses
Show Me A Leader by Alter Bridge
Not For Sale by Crobot
Corrected by Sevendust
The Sound Of Voices Screaming by Red Tide Rising
Last Rite by Stryctnyne
Heroi[e] by Lucifer Jones
From The Pinnacle To The Pit by Ghost
Funeral of Your Mind by Electric Wizard
Rotting In Vain by Korn
The Hideous Exhibitions Of A Dedicated Gore Whore by Rob Zombie
Black Widow by In This Moment
Whatever It Takes by New Day Dawn
You Are Not Me by Next To None
Marigold by Periphery
Rise Up by Year of the Locust
All My Friends by Wilson
Battle Call by RadioDrone
City Of Sixes by Voodoo Terror Tribe
Breath of Fresh Lies by Seas of Wake
Dark Meditations by Binary Code
I Burn by Flames of Fury
World Of Decay by As Darkness Dies
Cry For Eternity by DragonForce
Boneyard by Devil City Angels

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