THE ASYLUM Playlist 08-04-16


This week on THE ASYLUM we had the following tunes were played (click here for podcast):

Show Me A Leader by Alter Bridge
The Vengeful One by Disturbed
Spoonman by Soundgarden
Alive by Pearl Jam
Hunger Strike by Temple Of The Dog
In Your Corner by Year Of The Locust
Fired Up by Fragile Mortals
Startariot by HellYeah
Equal Rights, Equal Lefts by Otep
A Smear Campaign by Operation: Mindcrime
A New Beginning by Dream Theater
Winterkill by nevereven
The Sorrow by Seas Of Wake
Whatever It Takes by New Day Dawn
Front Burner by T.T. Quick
Miss Misery (feat. Mark Tornillo) by Overkill
You Can’t Kill The Devil (feat. Chuck Billy) by Metal Allegiance
You Are Not Me by Next To None
Prometheus by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Cuterebra by Bumblefoot
Deception by Nervosa
Gutwrench by Alekhine’s Gun
Raise Your Horns by Amon Amarth
Needle & Suture by Metal Church
Post American World by Megadeth
Eye Of The Storm by September Mourning
Among the Heartless by Bloodwork
Deceiver by Kerosene
Elected (Alice Cooper for President 2016) by Alice Cooper
Stand (At The Burning Tree) by Black Country Communion

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