THE ASYLUM Playlist for 02-16-17 with guest Nikki Layne of Lucid Fly

This week on THE ASYLUM we had Nikki Layne of Lucid Fly by phone to discuss the band and their album Building Castles In Air plus the following tunes were played (click here for podcast):

School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall by Hollywood Vampires

Old School by Jim Breuer And The Loud & Rowdy

Rock Or Bust by AC/DC

Dystopia by Megadeth

Moth Into Flame [Live] by Metallica

Overkill [Live] by Motörhead

Haunted By Love by Uncle Sid

The Last In Line by A Sound Of Thunder Featuring Veronica Freeman

Sectarian by SOEN

The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails

Winterkill by Nevereven

Paperthin by Lucid Fly

Marigold by Periphery

You Are Not Me by Next To None

The Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater

The Long Road by Overkill

Bleed for the Night by Necromancing The Stone

Heavy Metal Heat by NIGHT DEMON

When The Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born) by XANDRIA

Storytime [Live] by Nightwish

All On The Line (Acoustic Version) by Adrenaline Mob

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