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THE ASYLUM Playlist for 03-19-15 with guests Ben Badger of Fall To June and Bumblefoot

Ben Badger
Ben Badger

This week on THE ASYLUM we once again had two guests by phone. First was Ben Badger of Fall To June to discuss how the band came to be and their upcoming self titled debut album. Then my conversation with Bumblefoot about his latest album “Little Brother Is Watching” plus tunes. Playlist below (click here for podcast):

Breakthrough by Brand of Julez
BlackJack by Rob Carlton
Soul by Drowning Pool
Snortin’ Whiskey by Adrenaline Mob
Overdrive by Midnight Mob
Terminal Show by Motörhead
I Can’t Relax by Marty Friedman featuring Danko Jones
The Rain by Fall To June
Trust by Killcode featuring Angelina DelCarmen
Moth by Hellyeah
VengeDance by JennCity
Screams In The Night by Night Demon
Don’t Know Who to Pray to Anymore by Bumblefoot
Change by Ace Frehley
Lot Lizard by DMC Generation Kill featuring Bumblefoot
Bring the Noise by Anthrax
America by Santana featuring P.O.D.
Am I Evil? by Diamond Head

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