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John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 03-20-14

Turbo and Don JamiesonThis week on THE ASYLUM on BullspikeRadio.com we had Don Jamieson call in to talk about That Metal Show, music, and his new comedy album Hell Bent for Laughter.  Playlist below (click here for podcast):

  • Let’s Get Rocked by Def Leppard
  • Firehouse by KISS
  • Wrong Turn by Bound By Substance
  • OutIVBlood by JennCity
  • Sweet Tea by California Breed
  • You’re A Lie by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy
  • I Just Wanna Have Something To Do by Garbage
  • Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless
  • Along For The Ride by Black Water Rising
  • Father by Decypher
  • Hit Between The Eyes by Scorpions
  • Hell Bent for Laughter by Judas Priest
  • That Metal Show, Wedding Songs & Guns n’ Fuckin’ Roses by Don Jamieson
  • Motley Crue, AC/DC & My Awful Sideburns by Don Jamieson
  • Big Balls by AC/DC
  • Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue
  • You Could Be Mine by Guns N’ Roses
  • Vae Victis by IKILLYA
  • The Number Six by Lamb Of God
  • WM Free by Hellyeah
  • Creeping Death [Live] by Drowning Pool
  • World So Cold [Live] by Mudvayne
  • My Black Cat Moaned by Mike Orlando

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