Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 03-30-11

Here’s this week’s playlist rockers:

  • I.R.S. by Guns N Roses
  • Taxman by The Beatles
  • Money by Pink Floyd
  • Beggarman by Black Country Communion
  • Street Fighting Man by Motley Crue
  • Seek & Destroy by Metallica
  • Prodigal Son by Iron Maiden
  • Ecstacy by Megadeth
  • Dirty Electricity by Odd Zero
  • Brotherhood of Man by Motorhead
  • Dreaming 24/7 by Scar Symmetry
  • Let This River Flow by Soilwork
  • Easier Said Than Done byWhitesnake
  • Burn In Hell by Twisted Sister
  • I Want Action by Poison
  • Turn Out The Lights by Steel Panther
  • Razorblades by IKILLYA
  • In Your Words by Lamb of God
  • Deal With The Devil by Judas Priest
  • The Nightmare Unravel’s by John 5
  • What’s This? by Flyleaf
  • Devoted by Lacuna Coil
  • Mars Needs Women by Rob Zombie
  • Cult by Slayer
  • On Fire by Thinning The Herd
  • Hell Captive by Merauder
  • Hellbender Turbulence by Lordi
  • Bodies [Live] by Drowning Pool

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