THE ASYLUM Playlist for 09-13-12

Here’s this weeks playlist (click here for podcast):

  • Breaking All Illusions by Dream Theater
  • Red Barchetta by Rush
  • Humans Being by Van Halen
  • Sweet Little Sister by Skid Row
  • Get It Hot by AC/DC
  • Crown of Fire by Tired Wings
  • The Real Nitty Gritty by American Dog
  • Voices From The War by Motorhead
  • My Apocalypse by Arch Enemy
  • Bardo by Alekhine’s Gun
  • Crazy by Girlschool
  • I Don’t Believe In Tomorrow by Lacuna Coil
  • Letting Go by Black Summer
  • Master of Disaster by Seether
  • Comatose by SomeonElse
  • A Gift or a Curse? by Iced Earth
  • Don’t Step On The World by Dropdown
  • Lock Him Up! by DEADNATION
  • Enjoy Yo’self by Fall Of The Albatross
  • Adrenalize by In This Moment
  • Death Throes of the Terrosquid by Alestorm
  • Hunter’s Season by Kamelot
  • Powerslave by Testament
  • Holy Water by Who Cares
  • Outlaw Torn [Live] by Metallica

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