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John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 4-14-10

If you missed THE ASYLUM this week, shame on you, but here’s the playlist:

  • Goin’ Out Swingin’ by Motley Crue
  • Starting Over by Killswitch Engage
  • Fight Song by Marilyn Manson
  • Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles
  • White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
  • Alcohaulin’ Ass by HELLYEAH
  • Rooster by Alice In Chains
  • Come As You Are [Live] by Nirvana
  • Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone) by Cinderella
  • What If by Godsmack
  • I Disappear by Metallica
  • Iron Head by Rob Zombie
  • Paschendale by Iron Maiden
  • Seven by Megadeth
  • Bored To Death by Mongrel
  • Catatonic by Slayer
  • Defiance by Zandelle
  • Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepplin
  • Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
  • N.I.B. [Live] by Black Sabbath
  • Bottom Of A Bottle by Shadow Of Demise
  • Ghost by The Autumn Offering
  • Medicine Man by Pantera
  • Insatiable by Atreyu
  • Alive by Pearl Jam

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