Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

THE ASYLUM Weekly Picks; Week of 02/15/10

In case you missed THE ASYLUM Weekly Picks on THORradio.com, here’s what you missed:

  • Butcher’s Hook by Slipknot
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill by The Beatles
  • Bad Boys (Of Rock ‘n’ Roll) by Twisted Sister
  • Sitches by Orgy
  • Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday the 13) by Fozzy
  • Come What May by Iced Earth
  • Lepers Among Us by Dimmu Borgir
  • A Stranger To Sanity by Blackwood
  • Highway To Hell by Marilyn Manson
  • Run Now by Phoenix Reign
  • The Lords Of Salem by Rob Zombie
  • Superstar by Saliva

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