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The Bam Box April 2016 R.I.P. Theme Review

Yes I know it’s almost mid-May but I am doing my best to catch up on my reviews and writing while still doing my usual things. So let’s dig (pun intended) into The Bam Box for April 2016 which was themed R.I.P. (unboxing video here)

As you may or may not know, The Bam Box randomly selects boxes and hits them with an upgraded item. This month was my second month subscribing and I’m very lucky to have gotten another upgraded item. This Bronze Starving Liberty coin is very unique and would definitely stand out in any coin collectors collection or horror fans collection. It comes in its own protective case, velvet carry case, and certificate of authenticity. Approximate value $25

This is probably one of the coolest items I’ve ever seen and gotten in a subscription box. Of course being a horror movie fan I know the Friday the 13th series well and I think everyone knows this mask. To have a Jason Vorhees mask signed by Ari Lehman, the original Jason, is just absolutely amazing. I honestly don’t have many movie collectibles and none of this caliber. Thrilled to add this to my collection and just need to figure out how to properly display it. Approximate value $50

While this item is cool it’s not as cool as the others this month. Yes Gwen Stacy fits the theme due to her death on both movie and comic versions of SpiderMan but this movie replica ID is an easily misplaced item, for the ultimate Spidey fan, or a cool addition to someone’s cosplay. Approximate value $5

Very fitting to the theme is this Star Trek item. Even the non fan of this series knows what the letters mean as well as the hand logo. This is made of metal so it’s sturdy and will last as a long living tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Just missed on my as I’m not a Star Trek fan. Approximate value $10

This is a very cool print of Nurse Joker done by Chris Uminga. Plus this is one of 999 that he signed just for The Bam Box (mine being 247 of 999). I’m not a fan usually of prints but this one is done insanely well for our focus character. Approximate value $25

Well The Bam Box was definitely perfect to its R.I.P. theme but it was not DOA. They delivered in a big way with their usual dose of unique items that this month adds up to approximately $115 in value, and that’s being modest on values. I look forward to May’s theme of Abilities.

Justen Bieber