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The Bam Box July 2016 Galactic Theme Review

Ok so my return to work schedule and personal schedule has me behind. I’m overdue for reviews and since it’s August and the new subscription boxes are coming I better catch up. So let’s review the July 2016 Galactic Theme from The Bam Box. First up the unboxing video. 

Now let’s dig into everything deeper, like deep space deep. 

If you don’t love Guardians of the Galaxy then I don’t want to know you. This Groot pin is very cool. Sure I’d have preferred Rocket (if you have him please email me cause I do want him) but Groot is very cool. After all he manages to express so much in just 3 simple words. Approximate value is $5. 

So I’m not a Star Trek fan. Never was and probably never will be. I’m a Star Wars fan. But this is very cool. Not only an exact replica of the pin (which doubles as a communicator in the later series) but also have the pins for ranking. That’s a total bonus for a real fan. Plus it’s great for someone doing cosplay. The case makes for a great display too. Approximate value is $25. 

If you remember the 90s commercial for Squand then you know what this is. That’s essentially it. It’s sand you can mold and manipulate under water. Approximate value is $5. 

We all love Aliens. Sure the movie franchise got sketchy after a while but they were still good. And getting any kind of decent memorabilia from that franchise would normally be pricey. But this is a great way to do it. A square of cloth worn by a member of the Auriga Crew is cool. Granted there’s probably a ton of these out there, it’s still cool. Approximate value is $10. 

Of course being a Star Wars fan and a fan of The Dark Side I totally dig this. It happen to be my “1-Up item” from The Bam Box this month. This Darth Vader cutout is metal and basically is like one end of book ends. Simple but cool. Approximate value is $10. 

Lastly this signed and numbered artist print from Blake Henrikson of Green Lantern vs Yellow Lantern. It continues my relatively low numbers sequence. The design is very cool, the light okay on it is absolutely stunning. Approximate value is $15. 

That was how The Bam Box took us to the Galactic world in July. An overall approximate value of $70 isn’t out of this world but it’s definitely a star studded value. 

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