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The Bam Box June 2016 80s Theme Review

Ok, let’s get caught up more. Tons of reviews to write but I’m only one cripple. But let’s do this one. The Bam Box went for many fan boy and girl inner child with an 80s themed for June 2016 and as a child of that decade I think they did well. First check out my unboxing video. 

So now let’s break it down. 

Well you don’t need to be a child of the 80s to appreciate this month’s pin from The Bam Box. Everyone knows and loves (if you’ve seen it any way) Goonies. That’s a true classic from that decade and knowing what the “Truffle Shuffle” is proves whether or not you really do know this classic movie. The design captures the craziness of it and just how silly it made Chunk look. Approximate value is $5. 

Let’s face it, the 80s was notorious for sun glasses. Hell we even got a song about wearing your “Sunglasses at Night”. So it did not surprise to see a pair of sunglasses from that era in this month’s box. Sadly though I can’t wear them as I wear glasses. A cool item but lost on me. Approximate value is $5. 

Now this is very cool and rarely seen. The license plate from the future (or past if you notice it’s dated 2015) from Back to the Future Part 2. Everyone knows the one off the DeLorean from the first movie but this one is rarely talked about. Because this is the less familiar one I find this to be cooler. I thought about maybe using towards a costume but the future Marty McFly costume is a bit expensive so I’ll just hang onto this. Maybe find wall space for it. Approximate value is $10. 

Of course another must know movie of the 80s was The Karate Kid series. Everyone knows this no matter what age you were, if you’re old enough to remember that decade then you know this movie. Yes long before Ralph Macchio was on that excuse for bad television Dancing With The Stars show he was Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid and taught us all that believing in yourself is the key to winning every battle. I love the first three movies in the series. This is a nice item that you’d normally spend hours waiting in line for at a comic con. Approximate value is $35. 

This print of an original take of Ghostbusters (the original movie not the lame reboot out now) by Rocky Davies is very cool. First there’s nothing like the 80s Ghostbusters movie and even though Slimer was a “bad guy” he quickly became everyone’s favorite extra character. Getting a low number out of the amount made and signed is always a plus. Approximate value is $20. 

And of course we also had The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, so called due to copyrights. But it was just as good as the movie and weekly. Back when Saturday morning television had cartoons, before the soccer moms and business executives ruined things. Now I have a few animation cells but I’ve rarely seen pencil sketches become available to the public. It’s definitely a unique item and as soon as I can get a frame for it I’m framing this bad boy. Approximate value is $40. 

The 80s definitely took me back to my childhood even if it was missing a few franchises from then that I love (He-Man, Gremlins, and Nightmare On Elm Street just to name a few). Plus with an overall approximate value of $110 I’d say The Bam Box for June 2016 was “totally tubular to the max”. 

Justen Bieber