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The Bam Box March 2016 Rivalry Theme Review

  Continuing in my reviews of the geeky subscription boxes that I get I give to you my review of The Bam Box for March 2016 for which the theme was Rivalry (Unboxing Video is here for you enjoyment).

For those not familiar with The Bam Box, which is understandable as they’re new, they’re a monthly subscription of $30 (that’s with shipping included) and their only guarantee is that their items are unique to them and 1 out of every 10 boxes is guaranteed an autographed item of some kind.

The March 2016 was my second box from them so let’s get into what The Bam Box gave for its Rivalry theme.

This item is not only cool but extremely unique. It’s an actual size metal Batarang. Some subscribers got a glittered blue version variant but I totally dig this one because the Batarang is black. It’s got some nice weight to it and truthfully the corners are a bit sharp. So much so that it was taped to the lid of the box to protect the other items from damage. I’ve seen replicas but never metal. Approximate value $20

  This next item is self explanatory. It’s a dog tag of The Bam Box. A cool promotional item but I’m not one for dog tags. Approximate value $5

This next item is two sided. Literally. Of course with Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix this coin makes perfect sense. And yes you read right on coin. For you see one side above, and below

is the other side which shows the Punisher logo. A nice play on the idea of Rivalry with this item. It’s also far from simple. It’s a heavy item and bigger than a Silver Dollar. I think it plastic but definitely well made and creative. Approximate value $10

I’ve been getting geeky subscription boxes for almost two years now and this is my first film cell collectible from one. I have a few I’ve gotten as gifts that are framed and matter but this simpler version is cool. Obviously it’s from Harry Potter and fits as he had a ton of rivals throughout the series. Now I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan and only know the movies but I did this item. Two film cells on a well planned post card design, fitting in its own way to the series, and it has a stand in the back for display purposes. I might still get a frame for it as I’ve got more wall room than self room. Approximate value $20

This was a featured item for the month of March 2016. A sign and numbered print from Jae Lee. This is one of those special curated items that The Bam Box promises from their subscription. This is a great depiction of Batman vs Superman and I dig the dark look in Superman‘s eyes. A great design and I got a pretty low number from these signed prints at 145 out of 999. Approximate value $15

This month my subscription was one of the 1 out of every 10 boxes to get a bonus autographed item. This is a very cool and signed copy of Batman vs Superman Issue #1. Of course signed by cover artist Jae Lee and again I’m lucky to have a low number of 22 out of 100. Being limited it will make it rarer and definitely ups the coolness factor. Because it’s signed I’m not going to risk damaging it by reading it but it’s still a great collectible for anyone into comics or movies. Approximate value $15

So this month’s The Bam Box fit the theme minus the dog tag promotional item and value wise worth more than what the subscription costs. I’m looking forward to their April 2016 Rest In Peace theme and wonder what items besides the obvious (The Walking Dead) it might have.

Justen Bieber