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The Bam Box May 2016 Abilities Theme Review

So the newest subscription box returns to my home. The Bam Box is still one I’m keeping because they yet to disappoint. Now the price has gone up to $32 (that’s with shipping) because they’ve improved their box to better protect the goodies and now use 2-Day priority for most of the US deliveries. The theme for May 2016 is Abilities and a signed item from a current TV villain was promised. So first here’s my unboxing video. 

Now let’s get detailed a bit more. 

The new addition to The Bam Box are Bam Pins. Like Loot Crate, Marvel Collector Corps, and others they’re adding a collectible pin each month and for the first one from the Abilities theme we get a mashup of Charmander and Spider-Man dubbed Spider-Mander. I must admit I was iffy on yet another pin but this is unique in that it fits the theme while using known characters. I look forward to how they continue with these pins. Approximate value is $5. 

Once again I was lucky to receive a upgrade in my box. While everyone else got a black titanium ring with gold lettering from Lord of the Rings I got an 18ct gold plated one. I’m beyond blown away by this item because it’s not only very unique but also not cheap. Now it’s important to know this isn’t a movie replica of “the precious” but just a replica itself. I have the movie replica version as I bought it from Weta Workshop at New York Comic Con in 2014 and it’s a heavier ring. Still this is a very cool item. Approximate value is $100. 

To keep this short this is just magnetic goo. There’s no other way to describe it. It reacts differently depending on where you place the magnet it comes with. I’m not going to attempt to play with this stuff but will give it to a friend for their kids to mess with. Approximate value is $15. 

These cardboard VR glasses are actually boring to me. First off they aren’t big enough for my phone (I have an iPhone 6 Plus) and secondly I got a pair for free at New York Comic Con in 2014 by their original creator. It was an interesting idea then but with actual VR glasses coming, and a preference for reality, I’ll pass on these. Approximate value is $10. 

Truth be told I’ve only watched a few episodes of Flash because I knew who Reverse Flash was by episode 3 and felt that was just poor writing. But I’ve been meaning to give it a second chance. So this signed photo of Zoom by Tony Todd who is the voice of said character. If I get into the series then I’ll definitely cherish this but if not I’ll find a friend who enjoys the series and give it to them. Approximate value is $20. 

Of course last is the limited edition signed print for this month. This is a very cool rendition of Wolverine done and signed by Rick Martin. Definitely something I’ll keep because let’s face it if you don’t like Wolverine there’s something wrong with you. Approximate value is $20. 

So it looks like The Bam Box Abilities theme box showed their ability is to continue being unique in their items and giving the other subscription companies a run for their money. Especially since this ones approximate value is an astounding $170. Their June 2016 box themed 1980s has a lot to live up too. 

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