The Big Announcement Is Here

As many of you read last week, I said I was going to be making an announcement regarding my latest venture in life. Well that announcement is here.

Because of my passion for rock and metal music I have decided to enter into the music world as a multi-purpose individual with Turbo Promotions. Which means I am making myself available to everyone in the rock and metal world for the following:

– I will promote shows, album release and other things online through my blogs on MySpace and Turbo’s Time as well as with bulletins.
– I will write album reviews for bands. These reviews will be posted on my blogs on MySpace and Turbo’s Time.
– I will be available to be a host or guest for shows. Right now I am only available in the New York City and 5-Boroughs.
– I have video production experience and will be more than happy to help bands with music videos.
– More to come

I also want to make it very clear that I AM NOT trying to compete with anyone who is doing the same kind of work that I am now putting in motion for myself. Rock and metal is a large community that doesn’t get its fair chance in this world and the more of us out there getting the word out the better. I hope to be able to work alongside great rock and metal people in the not so distant future.

Rock and metal bands who’d like to work with me can reach me on MySpace and at the official e-mail for Turbo Promotions; [email protected]

Keep Rockin’

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