THE JURY AND THE SAINTS Release New Single and Video



From the very beginning The Jury and The Saints have shown signs of great promise.

· Their 2012 single “Revival” entered the New Zealand Single Charts at #1 and the EP, of the same name, entered the New Zealand Top 40 Chart at #4.

· The Jury and The Saints supported Paramore on their 2010 tour of New Zealand and were asked to join the band again when they toured Australia later that year.

· The self titled debut album will be released in February/March 2015 on SPV Recordings.

· The first single to be taken for the upcoming album is “Focus” (OUT NOW!)

Check out the official video for “Focus” here:

The best way to describe “Focus”, the latest single by The Jury and The Saints, is as fully loaded Punk energy transforming into an ethereal hymn. Exploring the moment when a person realizes that they have become the excuse for someone else’s mistakes, the right words fail them – they lose their focus. The singles video reflects this perfectly. Rich, layered visuals create chaos and confusion underlined with a calm serenity with leads you through the story and the emotion of the song.

The video was filmed in several different locations including the untamed West Coast of New Zealand and a 100 year old wood shed on a farm in the rugged Awhitu Peninsula.

Ivan Beets, the band’s bass player, speaking about the new album:

“As a band we have always captured our ideas quickly, we want the driving force of a song, or a live show, to be the initial creative spark – this album was no exception. The songs were written in New Zealand with a focus on capturing the most energetic, intense and real album that we could. SPV introduced us to Alex Lysjakow who ended up producing the album over a 2 week period (in the middle of a European tour) at SoundArt Studio in Germany. Due to living in different countries we didn’t have much time to get to know Alex so there was as lot of trust involved, which we feel really helped the whole process. Because everyone was focused on working hard and getting things done, decisions were made based on gut instinct rather than lengthy discussions. Throughout this process, Alex’s background of rock production helped us achieve the energy and authenticity that we were after. Playing live is a huge part of who we are, so it was crucial that the songs and the recordings captured the raw energy and life that we want people to feel when they watch us at a show. We always want our audience to feel like they are part of what we do, and this record reflects that intent with songs that are easy to connect with. We don’t care about making a technical album, we care about making music that translates both in the studio and live, music that hopefully moves people, music that makes you have to sing, music that connects because its coming from a place of energy and honesty.”

“The Jury And The Saints” will be released on SPV Recordings

Release Dates

EUR: March 2nd, 2015

GSA: February 27th, 2015

N. America: March 3rd, 2015

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