Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

The Oscars And World Have Much To Learn

So last night was Hollywood’s big night. Oscar time. But this year Oscar was overshadowed by outcries of racism and boycott. While there are things that need changing in Hollywood, and the world, truth is no one cared until now and probably within a week most won’t care about again until the next issue rears its head. That’s the sad part, it’s selective caring. 
You see, last year Oscars were just as white as this year. But because Selma got nominated everyone stayed quiet. Two years ago 12 Years A Slave won big, quiet. Yet this year, similar to years before it’s suddenly a race issue. Why? Because, as Chris Rock hinted, Jada Pinkett Smith wasn’t invited cause her man Will Smith wasn’t nominated. Here’s a news flash. No one saw that movie so it wasn’t considered and neither was he. But because SHE was offended everyone demanded a boycott. 
But by boycotting you help them continue in their lack of diversity. You take your voice out of it by not being there and by night’s end your forgotten. 
The bigger picture is this. Why isn’t Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting and speaking out because Hollywood ignores disabled as actors/directors/etc? Why isn’t Spike Lee boycotting and speaking out because Hollywood ignores transgenders as actors/directors/etc?
Because it doesn’t suit them. It doesn’t fit their agenda and personal life. THAT is the REAL problem not just for Oscars but society.
We as a global society either need to demand equality for ALL – disabled, abled, gay, straight, transgender, white, black, and so on or just stop this craziness. Just speaking out when it fits you isn’t right. 
Because at the end of it all there’s one thing, we are all part of the human race and the sooner we stop segregating by skin color, sexuality, abilities, and so on the sooner we move beyond ignorance. 

Justen Bieber