The Rock & Metal Earworms No Headbanging Can Shake Loose

If you as much an audiophile as I am then you’ve been victim to at least one earworm. For those wondering, an earworm is a song that you can hear in your head without the song actually being played. They come from every genre and us rockers and metal heads are no exception. So here’s a few that are guaranteed to get stuck in your ears. 

Megadeth‘s “Sweating Bullets” definitely qualifies as an earworm. Not just because the fans at a Megadeth show can sing the entire first verse on their own but also because it’s the first thought whenever we get hot in the summer or working out in the gym. Once you yell out “Sweating Bullets” you’re stuck with this one for hours. 

One of the most recognized guitar riffs comes from Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Crazy Train”. Sure it’s a radio hit that’s been overplayed but once you hear that opening riff it’s too late, it’s lodged in your head. Hopefully it doesn’t drive you off the rails before you get it out of your head. 

Another highly recognized opening riff results in an earworm from Dio. “Holy Diver” just screams heavy but catchy resulting in a song that appeals to almost anyone. I don’t know whether it’s the great lyrics or the galloping rhythm of the song that does it but this one gets lodged in my ear more often than I’d like. Whether it’s the original or the Killswitch Engage tribute you just can’t avoid this one. 

Mötley Crüe may have called it a day but “Girls, Girls, Girls” never stops once it’s found a home in your head. Every time the weather starts getting warm and I hear the first motorcycle ride through my neighborhood this song pops on in my head like a fresh Pop Tart out of a toaster (if you eat Pop Tart’s warm that is). And be honest guys, when you’re on the beach and some attractive ladies stroll by you know this song pops up in your head along with something else that might pop up. 

Not all earworms are classic songs. “Square Hammer” from Ghost surely fits. Every time I hear this it gets stuck in my head for hours. The chorus is not only catchy but easy to remember. You can’t help but find yourself suddenly singing it loudly for no reason. Just be on the square, be on the level, and swear that this number gets stuck between your ears whether you’re a fan of Ghost or not. 

These are just a few of the earworms currently lodged in my head, and maybe now in yours. But remember one thing about earworms, there’s always more than you think. 

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