There’s No Secret Behind Dame Fortune

Everyone is so wrapped up in what the next sound is going to be. How to use certain effects, add in unlikely instruments, or something yet to be thought of that bands who sound like the greats of the past are being ignored. Well one of those bands is no longer being ignored. Dame Fortune pays tribute to so many great rock and metal bands of the past while still being new and true to their own identity that is scary.

Part of that identity is that they work together as a well oiled machine. To say that one of the four does something that highlights him would be unfair to the other three. And I find this somewhat refreshing because all too often we look at bands as a group of individuals that happen to fit together, but as you listen to The Secret Art you realize that Dame Fortune meld together into one. This is truly shown in the sharing of vocals throughout the album.

And this album is just solid straight through. In Like Flynn is probably in the running for the best opening track that introduces you to the band. The vocals and guitars instantly say KISS, making you double check the CD and case to make sure it isn’t a KISS CD. But as the album goes on you begin to get the identity of the band as they do things that catch you as a nice surprise.

A good example would be V from Vendetta. A very strong track from beginning to end that has elements of Motley Crue in it. And the surprise here is the use of guitars as the back-up to the vocals of the chorus. Where most bands would opt for a post-production touch up to just alter the main vocal enough to be the back up, Dame Fortune puts their touch by letting the guitars do it. Talk about letting a guitar sing, Hendrix would be happy.

And Jimi wouldn’t be the only proud one, the great blues players of the past would be proud as well. One listen to Santa Ana Blues and you really get a taste for what the blues is all about. The tempo of the track just gives you a feeling of walking down a street, a stranger in a town being starred at as if you’re the devil incarnate sent to take rule. Truly the heaviest and loudest I have ever heard the blues played. And had this been a few years early in the making it could’ve easily been in Rob Zombie’s movie House of 1000 Corpses.

And while on the subject of songs that fit into movies, if someone writes another Dazed and Confused for a newer generation then the song The Days Are Just Packed better be in it. Its upbeat sound triggers those high school memories when the only thing that mattered where good grades and having fun with you friends, when mischief was always the priority and means of gathering everyone together for a good time.

Which leads me to the closing track on the album, Hikikomori (Live As Though The Day Were Here), which is an anthem in the truest form of the word. A rally cry to everyone that life is meant to be lived and lived to its fullest no matter what others tell you. And that is truly what Dame Fortune is doing with The Secret Art, and the sooner the music industry realizes that good music truly sells the sooner Dame Fortune and bands like them will get the attention they truly deserve.

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