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Turbo’s Must Have Albums List of 2019

Well it’s the end of the year and while the other online mags are bribed or kissing ass with their “Top Random Number Albums Of 2019” list that were already written in September I’m here with my list.

For first timers to my year end list let me remind you of my rules. There’s no set number, live albums don’t count, rereleases/remasters don’t count and compilation albums don’t count.

With that said here’s my list of albums from 2019 that I think deserve your money and a place in your music library.

The Wings Of WarOverkill (iTunes / Amazon)

There’s no question that when you think about bands cranking out music that is consistent and still sounds like the band we love it’s Overkill that comes to mind. This album is pure Jersey thrash while still giving us something new. “Head Of A Pin”, “Believe In The Fight”, and “Welcome To The Garden State” are my personal favorites but I doubt you’ll find a song you would skip when listening to this one.

RammsteinRammstein (iTunes / Amazon)

Ten years waiting for this album and it was definitely worth it. Rammstein delivers big with this self titled album and why shouldn’t they. Very few bands have consistency on every album and Rammstein is one. While the radio singles are strong I recommend “Ausländer” and “Zeig Dich” as the standout songs. The question though is this the LAST album we’ll get from Rammstein?

MonumentDruids (iTunes / Amazon)

If an old school sound is what you’re looking for then this album is a must. Druids deliver a ton of heavy grooves along with solid riffs to make any old school fan drool. “The Whip” will definitely make you feel as if you’ve been whipped back in time to when rock and metal ruled the world. This album may be short but it’s one you can easily listen to over and over again.

SerotoninAurin (iTunes / Amazon)

Despite popular opinions New Jersey is still a great place to discover rock and metal bands. Aurin proves it without question as Serotonin has two songs that should’ve been in regular rotation on SiriusXM. “Pause Rewind Repeat” is a must for anyone’s playlist to work out or just get going for the day and “Brother” is without of a doubt one of the most powerful and emotional songs I’ve heard in a very long time. Aurin is just starting to make noise so grab this one so you can say you’ve been there from the beginning.

Welcome HomeHellYeah (iTunes / Amazon)

I’ve been a fan of HellYeah since the first album and never left. Some albums were stronger than others but Welcome Home is the perfect mix of everything we’ve come to love from the band. “333” is hard, heavy, and in your face while “Welcome Home” captures emotions while still being a hard rockin tune. It’s sad that this could possibly be their last album because of Vinnie Paul’s passing because this feels like the album where they were ready to hit the next level.

Heavy Metal RulesSteel Panther (iTunes / Amazon)

Some of you might think this is a gag post but I’m very serious about this one. Steel Panther gets a lot of flack because of who they are and what they write. But when you take them for what they are it’s legit music, great writing, and absolutely amazing talent. Sure they aren’t for everyone but they aren’t trying to be. Plus an album titled Heavy Metal Rules is just too perfect a title to not own.

The NothingKorn (iTunes / Amazon)

This feels more like the follow up to their 2013 album The Paradigm Shift than The Serenity of Suffering. Their sounds are closer together and it’s exactly the sound we’ve come to love from Korn. I literally just got the chance to listen to it again in full before doing my list and I’m surprised this album didn’t get more attention when it dropped earlier this year. There’s several great songs on The Nothing so give it a full beginning to end listen.

MotherbrainCrobot (iTunes / Amazon)

I’ve been a fan of Crobot since I first saw them open for Anthrax and Volbeat in 2015. I dig how they have that old school sound with a touch of Led Zeppelin influence. Motherbrain sees a change in the line up but not in the bands sound. Crobot has really nailed that old school sound with a modern heavy edge that just sends grooves through you. This may be their third album but there’s still greatness to come from them so don’t sleep on Crobot.

Under The SunBlacktop Mojo (iTunes / Amazon)

These guys are literally blowing up right now so if you don’t get on the Blacktop Mojo train now you might be missing out big. They first hit my radar in 2017 and even now I still crank up “Pyromaniac” to get geared up or need a boost for my day. Under The Sun shows the bands consistency with some equally heavy hitters while still growing as a band. These guys are climbing the ladder fast and are lined up to be one of the leaders of rock and metal’s future.

We Are Not Your KindSlipknot (iTunes / Amazon)

Honestly I can’t say Slipknot has ever put out a bad album. Sure not every album was loaded with hits but that’s not the type of band Slipknot is. But We Are Not Your Kind could possibly be the best album they’ve put out yet. It’s as if this album is the child of a one night stand between All Hope Is Gone and Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses. It’s heavy, intense, and has moments where you can sing along with.

Kill The OutsideDamn Your Eyes (iTunes / Amazon)

This debut album was a breath of fresh air for me as I constantly would receive new music from bands outside New York. Damn Your Eyes is a great new addition to the New York scene as well as the world. This is pure metal – heavy, aggressive, but grooves you as well. If you’re looking for something completely brand new then look no further than Damn Your Eyes to rock your ears.

Edge Of ExistenceSilvertomb (iTunes / Amazon)

This is one of those bands I knew about before the album ever hit and was anxiously awaiting music from. Just when I had almost given up Silvertomb announced 2019 would see the release of their debut album. With former Type O Negative and Seventh Void members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly in the line up we knew it had potential and that was an understatement. The best way I can sum up Edge Of Existence is that if you’re still upset Black Sabbath ended go buy this and you’ll be relieved. Strong vocals, smooth grooves, and that hint of Black Sabbath influence to give it a smooth finish like a shot of Coldcock Whiskey. I just hope this wasn’t a one and done from Silvertomb.

Well, that’s it for 2019. What will happen next year. We know there’s new Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, and Sons Of Apollo coming plus a whole bunch we don’t even know about yet. Here’s to a rockin and loud 2020.

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