Update for 6/10/09…i gotta start naming these things again

I know, I was MIA for another week. I finished my meds last week and kicked whatever it was fighting me then. But I can’t ditch this fuckin’ cough, it’s most likely my allergies and my asthma. It has eased greatly so I should hopefully be back on regularly.

My brother Jay is doing better,, he’s out of ICU and the pneumonia is gone. He is back in the respiratory step-down unit. He is on a vent but is being weened off it slowly. Things are moving forward with him so keep up the support.

I am seriously behind on my music. Big albums are out that I haven’t gotten my hands on because I haven’t been out since my bro has been sick. Plus the bands are growing in my list of friends and I love that there is so much great rock and metal out there. To the bands on my friends who read this please e-mail me at or message me through Myspace with anything you want me to promote for you. It’s getting tough keeping track of everything as a one man gig but I shall do so, rock and metal is who I am.

I’m going to try to put some thoughts up soon as well as a few reviews that I’ve been meaning to write before things got nuts. Any bands that want me to review the CD just contact me and I’ll tell you where to send it.

That’s all for right now, keep rockin’.

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