Vampires are NOT a fad

I really need to vent about all these people who read the Twilight Saga and suddenly think that they are part of the Vampire society and think it’s the in thing to do and that Hot Topic is suddenly a great place to shop. Twilight is nothing more than the Vampire equivalent of Harry Potter; taking a dark history of lore and legend and watering it down so that anyone can read and understand it just to make a quick buck. Don’t get me wrong, Harry Potter has it strong points but I’m getting annoyed at how legends and lore that once was only for those who were truly interested in the topics and lifestyle.

There are tons of books about Vampires written over the years that are better places to start than Twilight. There’s the classic Dracula by Bram Stoker, which in my mind should be in everyone’s book collection. From there you have the Complete Vampire Chronicles from Anne Rice; which includes Interview with the Vampire. Then there are the more modern books like the Southern Vampire Mysteries from Charlaine Harris which have become the basis for the HBO series True Blood, saying that Vampires do exists and just want to be accepted by society. And the Necroscope series from Brian Lumley which takes you into a tale of vampires, psychics and so much more. And these are only a few books that are based on the lore and legend of Vampires, all of which should be put much higher than Twilight on the must read list.
And what really blows my mind about all these people who suddenly think its in to be goth and a Vampire are people who for years mocked and degraded both societies as outcasts. The same people who looked at Hot Topic funny and wondered who shops there and why? Well I got news for you all, posers are easily spotted so you better be serious about getting into Vampire lore, legend, and society because posers running on a FAD are not welcome in bit……or should I say bite?

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