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VENOM INC Issues Thanks To Their Fans, Video Footage From Entire Saint Vitus Show Available, And More

Photo by Ben Stas / Sommerville show June 2, 2016
Photo by Ben Stas / Sommerville show June 2, 2016

Just recently the UK Metal Masters VENOM INC – featuring Tony “The Demolition Man”, Mantas and Abaddon – concluded the 2nd part of their extremely successful North American tour.

Tony Dolan has issued a special message for their fans:

“On behalf of my band and myself I’d like to thank North America for ALL 60 dates we completed…from Florida to Quebec, from New York to LA, the eastern seaboard, the western seaboard, the north to the south and everywhere in between! Both part I and part II of our 2016 VENOM Inc tour were outstanding. We were welcomed everywhere and the fans? No words can truly describe the emotions they displayed & the support they have shown us. VENOM is for life and for that we thank our Mighty Legions! For our endless gifts, jewellery, photos, Tshirts, CDs, my Tequilla, Abaddon Jack Daniels, Posters, artworks,on & on, we feel very humbled and privileged and for ALL we Thank you. Here’s to our new album upcoming and we will return in 2016!! See you soon. Tony ‘The Demolition Man’ On behalf of also of my brothers Mantas & Abaddon”

The video footage from the entire Saint Vitus show on June 1st, has been posted on Youtube (courtesy of Frank Huang), enjoy it here:

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