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John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

VOODOO TERROR TRIBE New Album “The Sun Shining Cold” in Stores Today

Alternative hard rock group VOODOO TERROR TRIBE have been steadily gearing up for the release of their latest offering, The Sun Shining Cold, a 10-track onslaught featuring production from Ill Niño vocalist Cristian Machado. The day is finally here! The album is out now and available for purchase via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby and the band’s merch store.
Vocalist Gil PZ states, “It’s safe to say we’re excited to finally release this record. We’ve been playing these songs live for quite a while now, and we’re anxious to put hard-copies in the hands of fans and hear what they think of it. We suggest everyone snag a copy and enjoy it while you can, since it appears Western Civilization is about to collapse anyway… gotta use that electricity while you still can! We’ll see you on the road again early next year…”
Listen to The Sun Shining Cold tracks and watch music videos from VOODOO TERROR TRIBE here:

You can also watch a recent interview with guitarist Emir Erkal about The Sun Shining Cold at ArmyofOneTV.


Guitar playthrough videos of both “No Hell Like Home” and “Cell” are also available for viewing now via www.youtube.com/VoodooTerrorTribe.


Over the years, alternative hard rockers VOODOO TERROR TRIBE have made a name for themselves as a mainstay in the New York tri-state area and beyond. Their intense performances and diverse discography, which includes three EP’s and two full-lengths released between 2005 and 2014 (including 2009’s Symptoms of Sin recorded with Billy Graziadei [Biohazard, Suicide City]), have solidified the band as a premier talent amidst a sea of contemporaries.


Formed by Emir Erkal on guitars (an Istanbul, Turkey native who moved to USA in order to take his musical career to the next level) and longtime friend T-Bone on drums, the duo later brought in Primer on bass and topped off their alt-metal sound with the masterfully vocalized emotional poetry by vocalist Gil PZ.


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