Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

We The World Must Unite Against Terrorism

I usually do my best to avoid politics. But the events going on in Paris as I type this has me flashing back to 9/11 and thinking that we as a world need to wake up and fast. 
I warn you now that I’m going to say things that might offend you but that’s not my intent. The intent is to get my thoughts and perhaps the thoughts of others out. 
We as a society need to start calling on our leaders to act on these terrorists groups and stop playing political games. We hear constantly that these terrorists groups and growing and our leaders know where they are. Yet nothing is being done because of the innocent people in those areas. Well there are innocent people throughout the world, at this moment 153 innocent people killed because our world leaders are playing politics. 
Yet we as a society unite only when Starbucks changes its cups or when someone does something slightly offensive to someone else. We lose our minds over trivial things and yet sit idle when it comes to the lack of action taken towards terrorists. 
The time has come where ALL countries should close their borders until these terrorists are stopped. The time has come to put the innocent masses of the worlds major countries over the innocent few inside the countries protecting these terrorists. The time has come that we as a global community start putting down our cell phones and start protesting our governments to stop playing games and remove these terrorists groups from the world before they remove us. 
Tonight Paris my heart and the hearts of the world are with you in your hour of need. When this is over we need to, as a global community, step up and start rallying together to have these terrorists stopped. The future of humanity is worth fighting. 


Justen Bieber