Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

What Rocks In Vegas, Rocks The Masses

Throughout the history of rock and metal there have been cities and states put on the map by music. California, New York City, and Texas are the best known locations for giving birth to great rock and metal bands. Now there’s a new location that’s trading in it’s Lounge Lizards for some Metal Horns – Las Vegas. And it’s a diverse group coming out of it.

Five Finger Death Punch has members from Los Angeles and Las Vegas but you ask anyone that admits to being a fan of them and they’ll tell you it’s the home of the high rollers that this group calls home. This band is the leader of the Las Vegas rock and metal explosion because they’re the first to get the biggest. Five Finger Death Punch has a sound distinct to them and you either love it or hate it, or secretly love it cause it’s cool to hate big bands. Whichever you are you can’t deny that they’ve come up winners.

You want something a little more experimental and aggressive, then .bipolar. is the band you want. This band will grab you by the balls through your throats with their hardcore style that mixes aggressive vocals with clean singing. .bipolar. might’ve released a new EP called Seven but it shouldn’t be long before they turn the worlds head as the turn things up to eleven.

Maybe those are too new for you. So how about some good old American rock right out of the 1970s? Well then Count’s 77 is the band for you. And yes, that’s Danny “The Count” Koker of Counting Cars on vocals. He knows his music just as well as he knows his cars. Count’s 77 takes you right back to days of rocks simple yet still badass bluesy days. Poor yourself a little whiskey and let it rock.

Ok maybe the 1970s vibe is too far back for you. So how about the 1980s vibe of fun times in rock and metal? Well if that’s you thing so is Cyanide. These guys have truly dialed in on that sound without making it cheap or cheesy. They’re not some tribute living in the shadow of others. They found a sound that they enjoy playing, many enjoy hearing, and are rockin’ away.

If you want something newer and edgier then Red Queen is for you. Haunting vocals, sex appeal, heavy tunes, and mystery members are what they bring to the world of rock and metal. They’re just beginning their journey into the music world but they’re doing it in a big way. Almost summing up all of what Las Vegas is in the video above.

As you can see, Las Vegas isn’t just Sin City anymore. It’s now a contender for a focal point in rock and metal. And I’d bet the above bands are just the beginning of what they’ll be rolling out to the world.

Justen Bieber